anxiously awaiting “spring” in ithaca!

Greetings, soon-to-be paddlers for the 2015 season!  We had our first board meeting of 2015 and are excited to welcome new and old board members!  Our lineup is currently:

President – Blair

Vice President – Cynthia

Secretary – Ryan

Treasurer – Sally

Member-at-Large – Scott

We are working to plan a fun and motivating season, and we are hoping to participate in some ECORA races and local events this summer … just so anxious to get out there and start paddling!  Unfortunately, the lake is currently frozen over …

but hopefully the water will thaw soon so that we can get out there and paddle.  Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!  Stay tuned for updates on a rigging party (if we are lucky enough to have a warm weekend on land sometime soon!) and our inaugural paddle of the year.