Novice Practice & Steersperson Clinic this weekend!

Aloha, paddlers!!  We are excited to be hosting a couple of events this Saturday, June 13th (in addition to regularly-scheduled Friday evening and Sunday morning practices).  Read on for details!

On Saturday, from 9 – 10:30am, we will be holding a Steersperson Clinic for club members who are currently steerspeople or are interested in developing their steering skills.  We will review safety procedures and responsibilities of our steerspeople, and we will also have an opportunity to practice steering techniques and gain feedback as we develop our skills.

Then from 10:30 am – noon, we will be holding a Novice Practice! This is open to new and current club members, as it will be an opportunity to focus on stroke technique and fundamentals of OC-6 paddling.  We encourage individuals with any experience level (or lack thereof) to try the sport, and we are excited for our more “seasoned” members to participate as well, in order to share advice on what has worked well for them, as well as to ask questions and work on things that need more focused attention.

There is a $10 suggested donation for individuals trying out COCC; this will be applied to your club dues should you decide to join COCC.  Paddles and PFDs will be provided on shore.

Please be sure to wear synthetic clothing and shoes.  We walk the canoes into the lake, so you may be submerged up to waist-level.  Old sneakers, water shoes, or rubber boots are ideal.  Please no flip-flops or bare feet, as the rocks can be slippery.  No cotton clothing is allowed (pants or tops).  Even if the air is warm, remember that the lake is still quite chilly this summer, so we want to wear clothing that dries quickly and keeps our bodies warm. We have a locker to store personal items; anything you bring into the canoe may disappear if we huli (flip), so cell phones and keys should stay on shore, unless you are certain that they will float!

RSVP for both events in the Practice Sign-up link on the right hand side of the page, and direct any questions or concerns to  So excited to see everyone this weekend!!