Paddle jerseys and club t-shirts

Just as in years past, we are placing an order for paddle jerseys. We’ll be using the same Patagonia capilene shirts as the past two years, but this year the design on back has been changed and we are switching the color to “crimson” (a nice rich red). On the front we’ll have the club logo and on the back will be the following graphic.

t-shirt back

Cost for each jersey will be about $30 (a little more for longsleeved, a little less for no sleeves, although the back of a no-sleeve probably won’t have much except the club logo). I’ll have an exact number once we see shipping, print costs, etc.

We’ll also be ordering some t-shirts ($13 each) with the same printing front and back. There will be a woman’s cut available. Color will be “earth black” (I think that just means black, it’s a nice quality organic cotton shirt).

To order, please go here for paddle jerseys or here for t-shirts. We need a minimum of six pieces for an order.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Orders will be open for one week, closing next Thursday (June 23) at 9 AM.

If there is enough interest we can also place a sweatshirt order. Six sweatshirts would need to be ordered for this to happen. Cost was about $35 last time we did this. Email me if you are interested and we’ll see what we can do.