Polar Plunge!

Cayuga Lake’s water temperature is currently around 40 degrees and is typically below 70 degrees for most of our paddling season. And although there is debate as to what is considered cold water, according to this site it’s anything below 70 degrees. 

There can be serious consequences to an unexpected cold water immersion. Being prepared is key!

So, everyone’s invited to a Polar Plunge on Sunday, May 22. We’re meeting at the Merrill Family Sailing Center at 10am to field test thermal protection gear such as drysuits, wetsuits, neoprene etc., in addition to PFDs. If you don’t have cold water gear, come as you are to take a dip in the lake.

Not up for a polar plunge? Come out to watch. It’s sure to be entertaining!

The Sailing Center facilities will be available for people to shower and change afterwards. Bring snacks! Homemade cookies preferred. Anything will do.

2012 ECORA Races

The 2012 race schedule has been posted with the usual races being chosen.  The Washington Monumental starts the season with the Liberty World Outrigger Championship being moved back to June after being run last year in July.  The new addition to the schedule is the Philadelphia Outrigger Canoe Club’s fall race on September 29th.  As always C.O.C.C. will focus on being prepared for the Kent Island Cup and will be looking for 6 men and 6 women to participate in this fantastic event.

2012 Schedule

Here is a video to get you motivated for our upcoming season!  See you on the water!

The Yard Sale from Andrew Waldron on Vimeo.

2012 Paddling Season is Fast Approaching

The paddling season is quickly approaching as our moderate winter should allow us to get on the water earlier than ever before.  The canoes are already at East Shore Marina and the iakos and amas are ready to be lashed on.

RRC 2011
COCC finishing first at the Rochester River Challenge!

Please make sure that you are prepared for cold water paddling with the correct clothing and a PFD.  Practices will start on Sundays and expand to Tuesday and Friday as weather permits.  Dues have remained at $125 so we are one of the best deals in Ithaca for people wanting to workout plus you get to be on the water and hangout with awesome folks.  See you on the water!

ECORA OC-6 Race Information

ECORA has finalized the 2011 OC-6 racing season schedule  with some new races added.  Cayuga Outrigger is dedicated to increasing our participation in the racing schedule so please feel free to check out the races listed below.

2011 Race Schedule

Washington Monumental, Liberty World Outrigger Competition, Toronto International Outrigger Challenge, Blackburn Challenge, Milford Challenge, Wai Nui – Why Not, Kent Island Cup and Lighthouse to Lighthouse

Annual 2011 ECORA Meeting

The annual  ECORA meeting was held in snowy Philadelphia where the state of East Coast outrigger paddling was discussed as well as the calender for  the 2011 race season decided and set.  Discussion revolved around strengthening outrigger racing, assisting clubs in becoming larger and stronger as well as providing great experiences from the novice to experienced paddler.  Many other issues were discussed and Philly Outrigger proved an outstanding host.  If you are interested in reading the ECORA Minutes please feel free or contact COCC for more information.
2011 Ecora Race Schedule

Team Livestrong Videos

We have been talking after practice about paddling strokes and the first video is the one that P.J. is referencing that shows Team Livestrong during a practice.  It is an amazing team and a beautiful thing to watch so check  it out.

Olamau from Anders Carlson on Vimeo.

The second video shows Team Livestrong in a race until about the 4:40 mark when it goes off to show all sorts of water sports.

molo sail and canoe surf from Anders Carlson on Vimeo.

Cayuga Outrigger’s Open House

Open House 2010

The Cayuga Outrigger Canoe Club is pleased to announce our second annual open house to be held June 6th from 10 am to 2 pm.  It is open to all ages but children must be accompanied by an adult.  Please stop down to the Cornell Sailing Club at 1000 East Shore Drive in Ithaca to check out the fun.  There will be light snacks, Hawaiian music and an introduction into the awesome sport of outrigger canoeing.

For questions please contact us at: info@cayugaoutrigger.com