Polar Plunge!

Cayuga Lake’s water temperature is currently around 40 degrees and is typically below 70 degrees for most of our paddling season. And although there is debate as to what is considered cold water, according to this site it’s anything below 70 degrees. 

There can be serious consequences to an unexpected cold water immersion. Being prepared is key!

So, everyone’s invited to a Polar Plunge on Sunday, May 22. We’re meeting at the Merrill Family Sailing Center at 10am to field test thermal protection gear such as drysuits, wetsuits, neoprene etc., in addition to PFDs. If you don’t have cold water gear, come as you are to take a dip in the lake.

Not up for a polar plunge? Come out to watch. It’s sure to be entertaining!

The Sailing Center facilities will be available for people to shower and change afterwards. Bring snacks! Homemade cookies preferred. Anything will do.